Wedding Albums

We offer a wide range of wedding photography albums for you to choose with either our Traditional or Storybook package:

Traditional and Storybook Wedding Albums

All the wedding albums we offer are hand-made and professionally printed, which are designed to display your wedding day photos at their best and keep them at their best too.

Contemporary and Bookbound Albums

12in x 12in, opens flat, starts and ends with double-page spread, seemless print. Subtle black leatherette plain cover, front and rear.


Cover colour options: no additional cost (black is default)

Bookbound-Wedding-Album-750-2_black Cover-Colour-black Cover-Colour-blue Cover-Colour-burgundy Cover-Colour-clay Cover-Colour-emerald Cover-Colour-grey Cover-Colour-sand Cover-Colour-tan Cover-Colour-white

Contemporary and "Bookbound" Albums - with photo inset

Same choice of cover colours - free

Central cutout inset with square photo - £15 extra

Central cutout inset with clear acrylic over square photo - £25 extra

Bookbound-Wedding-Album-750-6 Bookbound-Wedding-Album-750-1 Bookbound-Wedding-Album-750-2 Bookbound-Wedding-Album-750-3 Bookbound-Wedding-Album-750-4 Bookbound-Wedding-Album-750-5

Panoramic Photo Cover "Bookbound" Album - Clear acrylic layer over photo

Vertical or horizontal panoramic photo (colour leatherette spine and rear): £45 extra

Free colour choice for spine and rear, as per standard album.

Acrylic-Pano-750-6 Acrylic-Pano-750-2 Acrylic-Pano-750-3 Acrylic-Pano-750-4 Acrylic-Pano-750-5 Acrylic-Pano-750-7

Photo Cover Album (clear acrylic layer bonded to photo)

Full page (colour leatherette spine and narrow overlay will be viewable, as below): £45 extra

Free colour choice for spine and rear, as per standard album.

Acrylic-750-7 Acrylic-750-1 Acrylic-750-2 Acrylic-750-4 Acrylic-750-5 Acrylic-750-6 Acrylic-750-8 Acrylic-750-9 Acrylic-750-10